NatureWorks Nursery Services

Land, Orchard and Farm Consultations

If you have land you’d like to optimize with a farm, garden, or orchard, our consultation services are available to support you based on 25 years of experience with growing trees, agroforestry, and establishing gardens and orchards here on Maui. 


To inquire about our services and/or get a quote, please call Jayanti at 808-463-7754

NatureWorks Nursery Orchard Installation Services

Orchard Care – Custom Onsite Grafting 

If your fruit trees are producing poor quality fruits or not producing any, Jayanti and his daughter Kawai can help improve the yield of the trees by grafting them. With multiple different grafts on avocado trees for example we can help them produce avocados most of the year.

NatureWorks Nursery Custom Grafting Services

Orchard Care – Tree Pruning

Whether you have young orchards or established trees, pruning is an important part of tree care when done appropriately. Jayanti specializes in pruning and training trees for structural integrity, health and vigor, balance and esthetics, and optimum production of fruits.

Orchard Care – Tree Feeding and Mulching

Fertility management is one of the most important aspects of orchard and fruit tree care. Regular feeding and mulching can increase productivity and growth by more than 50%.

Orchard Installations

If you’d like to plant an orchard or agroforestry food production system but don’t know where to start or how to do it, we can help customize a design for your budget, location and desires. No project is too big or too small for us to support you.


NatureWorks Nursery Orchard Installation Services

Orchard Planning and Design

Our design and planning services include taking aerial pictures and creating professional maps, drawings and renderings to provide a detailed visual and formulate a strategy. Jayanti and Silvia are an amazingly skilled and talented team to support planning and design for your land and project. 

NatureWorks Nursery Maui Landscaping installation Services

NatureWorks Nursery orchard care and installations are guided by our vision to support sustainable food production on Maui. We value crop diversity, regenerative and resilient agriculture, agroforestry and forestry. 


Please contact us to see how we can support your goals.



Keep the Aina Happy, Plant more Fruit Trees!

NatureWorks Nursery Services Installations Team