Star fruit
(other names: carambola, birambi)

Averrhoa carambola (Oxalidaceae family)



Origin: SE Asia

Fruiting season: September – April

Height: small tree (15 – 30 ft)

Relatives: bilimbi, wood sorrels



Star fruit originated in Southeast Asia. The tree reaches 30’ and produces fruit from September through April in Hawaii.


The fruit is showy, 2” – 6” in length and has 5 distinctive ridges running down its sides. A cross-section resembles a star, which gives the fruit its name.


Starfruit varies in taste, texture and size with two main types: sweet and tart. The flesh is juicy, crunchy and aromatic and the skin is thin and waxy. The fruit echoes a combination of green grape, melon and kiwi, accompanied with refreshing tropical fragrance.


Star fruit is beautiful and versatile. It is best eaten fresh or juiced and makes a decorative addition to salads. It may be frozen, dehydrated, pickled, or made into chutneys and jams.