Natureworks Nursery provides the finest Fruit Trees on Maui

Natureworks Nursery offers the best selection of fruit trees on Maui. We specialize in many varieties of edibles that thrive in Hawaii including; Avocado, Mango, Lemon, Lime, Grapefruit and other citrus trees, Durian, Breadfruit, Jaboticaba, Surinam Cherry, Sour Sop and many more. View our best selling fruit trees and shrubs.

Jayanti Nand and Natureworks Nursery can consult with you on your property. We also offer educational classes in grafting and other topics.

Grafting class March 2022

Our Next Grafting Class is in March 2022


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Natureworks Nursery

is located on Maui at 70 West Kuiaha, Haiku, HI, 96708

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If you cannot make it during our business hours, call or text 808-463-7754 for an appointment.